Let’s invest

The process

First meeting

We’ll talk about your previous experience, the range of investment opportunities available and how to access them.

Strategy proposal

We’ll then prepare an investment strategy proposal which takes into account:

  • Your attitude to risk
  • Available capital
  • Target profit return

First investment

We will then help you to set up your investment account and connect it with your chosen strategy. Don’t worry, we’ll help you with all of the technical issues. 

Every three months we check to make sure your investment is within the required target range.

Have an investment consultation and get a strategy proposal free of charge.

What we need to know

In order to provide you with the best services, it's useful to know

Investment targets

What are your investment objectives?

Build a fund to provide an independent source of income?
Be free of having to work for a living?
Retire early and have a generous pension provision?


What is your investment experience?

We can start from scratch and introduce you to the basics of the world of investing.
Or we can begin at a higher level of complexity and sophistication within your comfort zone.

Financial resources

How much capital do you have to invest?

It is a single lump sum or do you plan to make a series of further investments?


What is your attitude towards risk?

Using the right tools we can manage the risk element to a level that you’re comfortable with.

Are you ready to meet us?

Do not be afraid of investments

Why should you invest with us?

High liquidity

You can access your money anytime, usually within 2 weeks of requesting, though we recommend you speak with us first before taking this important step.

Zero fees

There are only broker fees to pay. Kerberos Invest receives fee income from the profit your fund generates, typically between 20-35 %. If, somehow, your investment doesn’t make a profit, you don’t pay us anything.

Your money is in safe hands

Your money are managed by certified financial specialists that are investing their own financial resourses.

Your investment is managed by certified financial specialists, investing their own financial resources. Funds are placed in separated accounts held by a broker and covered by bankruptcy insurance up to 20 000 €.

It's time to invest

Meeting request

Don't you want to wait? Call us.

We are available to you every weekday from 8:00 - 17:00.

Schedule a call

Don't you want to wait? Call us.

We are available to you every weekday from 8:00 - 17:00.