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Why are you better than standard investment funds?

We don’t usually have entry, exit or administration fees. You pay us a profit sharing fee only. We are directly motivated to make your investment profitable, otherwise we will not receive a profit sharing fee. The investment portfolio can be set according to your needs. We don’t have to pay expensive company management or send profits to shareholders.

How is my investment influenced by Covid-19 pandemic aftermath?

Bank clients believe that their investments are in the best condition only in a good economic situation. We focus on investments that are able to generate profit even in difficult times. Remember that every crisis is proof of the quality of your investments. You should consider any difficult situation created by a pandemic as an investment opportunity.

I am afraid of losing money..

We consider all potential risks very carefully. Every day, clients lose money due to inflation, sending money to inappropriate products, etc. Unfortunately, many clients also have money in cash or in a current or savings account and do not invest it in promising types of investments.

I don’t have time to analyze investment opportunities.

In that case, this project is intended directly for you. Your time needs to be reserved especially for the first meeting, where your ideas and possibilities will be discussed. If you connect to an investment strategy, investing will be time-saving for you. One of the goals of our project is to make investments accessible to clients who want to invest but are busy at work or in business and cannot afford to monitor the financial market every day.

Is my money safe?

If you invest in one of our investment strategies, your financial resources will be deposited by the broker in your account. Financial resources are insured up to 20,000 EUR. Kerberos Invest does not have access to your funds.

What is your experience?

Our portfolio manager has a certificate of financial services for all investment instruments under the Capital Market Business Act. The certificate was issued by the European Association of Financial Planning in the Czech Republic and is valid in all EU countries.

The expected investment interest is very high. It’s suspicious …

Higher profitability can be associated with higher risk. But forget about direct proportionality. We always try to analyze all potential risks, prevent them and eliminate them. We also make sure that the client understands all potential risks.

What is the min. amount of investment?

We recommend to our clients to invest at least 4 000 EUR for better investment diversification. However, the minimum starting amount is 1 000 EUR. If you want to invest regularly on a monthly basis, it can be even lower.

What is the liquidity of my investments?

If you need to withdraw your financial investment, you will receive the money within two weeks at the latest.

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